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The Mediation Center Solis

On Lawyer's Day in Russia, the Solis Mediation Center announces its opening.

Center "Solis" is an association of mediators, the aim of which is the settlement of commercial disputes.

The founders of the association are mediators Daria Zhdan-Pushkina, the member of Redstone Chambers, Susana Kirakosyan, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Regulation of Economic Activity at the Financial University under the Government of Russia, and Natalya Frolova, Head of the Legal Department of the world's largest auto concern.

Specialization of mediators of the "Solis" Center:

- Internal corporate conflicts
- Disputes related to real estate objects
- Financial disputes, including insurance disputes
- Disputes arising from breach of commercial contracts
- Transport disputes
- Construction disputes
- Disputes related to telecommunications
- Disputes with government bodies arising in the course of audits of the activities of organizations
- International commercial disputes

For details on the activities of the "Solis" Center, see the link on the website.

We congratulate our colleagues - lawyers on their professional holiday and wish everyone a peaceful settlement of disputes.